Life reality

The real

Senses have done the job to let us know the world; sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing are the complete group of human senses. These are based on anatomy and physiological specific functions. Nevertheless, I would add different reality perception capabilities to the list, which span the function of the human brain with the consciousness. These are, to name a few: time perception, premonition, presentiment, intuition (female is more developed than male one), to be suspicious about something, etc.

One may think a place or person is not likable if a certain smell is sensed. The type of look you see on a person, the way of non-verbal expressions are important data elements for intuition to start working. Some people may think it is just an exaggeration, since you cannot know in advance if you are going to like a person or not by the way they look at you or the smell of the personal frangance. In a way these skeptical people are not wrong at all, a perfume’s brand do not dictate a person’s behavior or personallity. There is a lot of things that can be said about it, for instance is not the perfume itself but the individual biological feromone molecules that function for that purpose. We cannot differentiate or determine if it is about one thing or the other.

One thing I am sure about, not scientifically speaking, is that it is more likely to enjoy a person’s company when you like the aroma of that person. There are more chances that you can make a nice connection with that person. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this is reciprocal, so the other person must have the same presentiment or feeling about you.

ADA – Fabián Cuétara Guadarrama


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