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Creativity and no-creativity

The invisible impulse to creativity has its roots in the very essence of our souls.

I like to write about ethereal things in this blog. My mind is always thinking about philosophical questions. For example what are thoughts made off, can we touch them? Or can I create something by just the act of imagining it? Will I ever be able to recreate a dream with my own hands?

The answer to this questions is relative simple; it is possible in some ways, for example virtually with 3D printing, augmented reality, robotics, AI, etc.

I feel attracted to this unreal and perhaps improbable possibilities. Thoughts lead to more thoughts, into deeper layers. Every time more and more surreal. The invisible impulse to creativity has its roots in the very essence of our souls. The same motivation to create is balanced to the force of no-creativity. It is the invisible energy that blocks us from produce something. This is what some refer as procastination; to postpone something. There is a fight inside ourselves, for creativity and inspiration to arrive, procastination must be defeated.

I have referred as no-creativity and I liked to say it that way since the opposite of creation is destruction. The act of destroying is to put effort in disassemble or break something already created into pieces, until that thing is no longer recognizable. But in order to be destroyed, something must have been created before. And that is why I refer to no-creativity the inner force that impedes us from creating.

So, this is what is happening right now; a struggle between creativity and the invisible force of no-creativity. While I write this words, explaining about no-creativity I am creating at the same time, which makes it a nice paradox. A nice way to be productive; tell a story about your no-creativity.

Fabián Cuétara Guadarrama



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