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When I see a cat playing I see joy. How many times we see them catching bugs running around. They show us how to live simple and easy. Cats, like any other mammal on earth, they like to play. This is how they live and learn; they put in practice their abilites increase the chances of a good hunt.

In many ways we humans share similarities with cats; we also like to play. We develop cognitive habilities that will be primordial for our adult lives. Playing also serves to free our mind from negative thoughts. It is as effective at any stage of life, anyone can play something.

Jesus Christ said we are to become like a little child to understand God’s will. So what do little children do? Well, they play all the time. So this is what cats and children teach us; play, play and grow your spirit. Next time you see a cat playing, you will understand better the true meaning of it. Enjoy playing with your cats and children.

Fabián Cuétara Guadarrama

ArteDesArte – ADA


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