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The Imaginary

To share an idea or thought, creativity must be put to work. There are different ways to express, such as language, writen and oral, plastic or music. The simpler the better. As humans, we tend to convert reality in the brain and shape it the way we want it using our imagination.

Therefore if the message is simple then it is easier to adapt it to our way of thinking. Intrincated information is automatically filtered out from our mind every second, and we do it unconciously. All the time our brain is deciding what is important and what must be simply deleted. This leads to the idealization of reality, to what we think is the real world, without taking into account on how that information was acquired, and what information was left out.

A piece of art is the artist’s way of interpreting reality. Every artwork is a unique view of what we think of reality through different eyes.

Never give for granted the world you live in, remember that you percieve a small amount of it, try to observe the same reality through artist’s perspective. Art will always be alive.

Arte Des Arte – Fabián Cuétara Guadarrama

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